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Statistics: Print Music SKUs = 1,601,288 / MI Product SKUs = 89,305 / Brands = 2,886 (as of 10/2/2015)
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For the past 21 years, MUSIC-SEARCH was predominantly a searchable music-in-print catalog or database that contained catalogs from over 900 music publishers, detailing over 2,000,000 items in print. As we enter our 22nd year, MUSIC-SEARCH now includes* MI products (Music Instrument products). In addition, NAMM Standards are now being implemented for XML output of search result data.

The Print music section covers all types of print music including, but not limited to: choral, band, orchestra, vocal, piano, instrumental, popular, classical, sacred, secular, etc. Tables of contents of folios are searchable and karaoke music is included.

The MI Product portion of the website includes, but is not limited to: guitars, brass  instruments, string instruments, woodwind instruments, drums, accessories, reeds, strings, music gifts, DJ equipment, PA equipment, lighting, etc.

When a record detail is viewed, alternate suppliers can also be displayed, showing their respective SKU or catalog numbers.

The data is structured in such a way as to make it NAMM Standard exportable, with the associated multi-media files/links (URLs), contributors, long descriptions, category classifications etc.. 

Web Site Highlights • Look for items by title, contributor, catalog #, supplier, brand, publisher, price, instrumentation, price, series, UPC, ISBN • Change the order of your search results • Do searches on words or phrases • Limit your search to a specific NAMM category • Search & view folio titles • Updated weekly • Largest database of its kind available in the world • Contains over 1,500,000 SKUS and 1,300,000 folio content titles • Contains methods, books, sheet music, scores, etc. • Supplier/Brand cross-reference list of almost 10,000 companies • Easy to use • No software to install • No data entry expense • High speed searches • More content-rich records than competitors combined.

RPMDA MusicXchange is an exclusive RPMDA member benefit. Post your POP or hard to move stock on this site for other RPMDA members to view, trade or purchase. Go to for more information on how this great organization can benefit your business and to join. The RPMDA is the voice of the print music industry.

Tri-Tech  active-e connectivity!• You may now have the option of connecting directly to our database with Tri-Tech's active-e tools. Importing MUSIC-SEARCH data has never been easier. Go to to learn more.

If you are a Retail Music Store some of the advantages of using our services are:
• Sell music products to your customers which they want through using our data as an extension to your own inventory.
• You become the professional source for music products because you are accessing our data via your point-of-sale system.
• Quick data entry of new inventory items without leaving your POS system. - Simply perform a search using the AIMsi link to our data and a new record(s) can be instantly added to your inventory with the appropriate fields populated in less than a few seconds.
Supplier Catalog Updates
Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation 2022/03/23 Complete Catalog
American Way Marketing LLC 2022/03/16 Complete Catalog
K & M (Koenig & Meyer GMBH & Co. ) 2022/03/16 Complete Catalog
Graph Tech Guitar Labs 2022/02/23 Complete Catalog
Star Line Baton Company 2022/02/23 Complete Catalog
Music Gifts Company, The 2022/02/22 Complete Catalog
Gator Cases, Inc. 2022/01/26 Complete Catalog
Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation 2021/11/09 Complete Catalog
Theodore Presser Company 2021/06/30 Complete Catalog
KMC MusicCorp 2021/06/30 Complete Catalog 2021/06/24 Complete Catalog
Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation 2021/06/24 Complete Catalog
Alfred Publishing Co 2021/06/24 Complete Catalog
Harris-Teller Inc. 2021/04/20 Complete Catalog
Graph Tech Guitar Labs 2021/04/14 Complete Catalog
  If you are a Music Product Supplier or Distributor the advantages of using our services are:
• Extremely easy for your product to be located and immediately added to a music store's inventory file with only a few clicks of a mouse.
• Reduced retailer-to-supplier requests for catalog data in varying formats.
• We work with what you have available to quickly add your data to our database and get it exposed to retailers.
• All multi-media items, i.e. pictures, user manuals, YouTube links, audio samples, PDFs, etc. are directly attached to each record.
• Our database contains NAMM Standard storage descriptions (NAMM Standard XML output coming soon!)
• Purchased subscriptions and access to your product data is NOT automated.
• This NOT a public accessible database.
• Database access is only granted to bona fide music store establishments and you as the supplier. If you are NOT a Retail Music Store or a Music Product Supplier NO DATA ACCESS WILL BE GRANTED AT ANY PRICE!

Data Management is a service we offer to keep your website and/or company product catalog or inventory database current. When you obtain print music & MI data from us, all of the supplier data comes in one format/structure, with no duplicates of product coming from different suppliers. We also remove characters which can often shift information to the wrong fields during import. New products, updated pricing, items gone out-of-print or which have become obsolete, spelling corrections and reclassification are all part of this service. Options include; limiting the brands, NAMM categories, and updates since your last update. Pricing is done on a case by case basis. Syncing of data may be necessary and is priced separately from the monthly update service.
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  * Print Music access and MI Product access are sold as two different services. You can subscribe to just one or both. Currently, MI Product access is free for a limited time to current subscribers of MusicSearchUSA.
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