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  This webpage is a FREE MusicXchange data store exclusively for current RPMDA members. Members post their unwanted and/or hard-to sell inventory products on this web page. Other current members of the RPMDA may then view your unwanted/hard-to-sell products. Both parties will then negotiate a purchase price in order to obtain the product. A recommended purchase price should be between 25-40% of the list price (60-75% discount). However, this is only a recommendation, not a requirement.

Do the following steps to begin using the RPMDA MusicXchange

1. To begin, you must first create a username and password by clicking the 'Register' link above. If you already have a username, then it is not necessary for you to create a new username. One username works for all site features. We simply grant access, on our end, for various areas of this website.

2. Create a file which contains the products to be listed. The product list should include the following and must at least contain the fields marked with an *: 
* Product publisher/vendor name
* Product catalog #/sku (please specify what the SKU is if it is a barcode type SKU)
* Product title
Product Voicing/Arrangement (optional but helpful)
Quantity on hand (optional)
3. Save the file in an appropriate file format. Appropriate file types are:
CSV, Excel, FilemakerPro, Foxpro, TAB delimited, Access or a similular data types.
PDFs, Word documents, etc. are not acceptable file formats.

4. The file is then emailed  or uploaded to our ftp site. For ftp infornmation, please send an email to us requesting the ftp login credentials. When using ftp, please be sure that your company name is part of the filename.

5. We will then prepare your file for uploading and then add it to the RPMDA MusicXchange database.

6. You have the option of changing On hand quantities and the removal of an item from the list. We do not maintain this portion of the data. You may however request that your entire list be either removed or completely replaced with a new list. It is the list submittor's sole responsibility to specify:

-1. If the new file is a replacement for all of your currently listed products
-2. If the new product file should be added to the products already listed.

We will not be held responsible for items being overwritten or duplicates showing up in your listing if you do not specify 1 of the 2 above options. That being said, we may make an attempt to figure out what you want done with a new product list without consulting the file submittor. (We can do line item editing for you but only on a pre-negotiated price.)

Access is granted for only those in good standing with RPMDA. If your membership lapses, you may still view your own product list, but you will not be able to view any other RPMDA members products, nor will other current members be able to view your listed products.

Once again, this is a FREE service as long as it meets all of the above named requirements. reserves the right to add/change access requirments, alter display formats, etc., at anytime without prior notice.

Any other desired feature, line item editing, custom data requests, etc., can only be performed on a pre-negotiated dollar amount.

As always, suggestions are certainly welcome for improving the RPMDA MusicXchange member service.

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